Means for trapping animals

The Vetbot company produces means for humane trapping of animals, which help to immobilize an aggressive animal without harming the animal. We manufacture veterinary syringe guns, veterinary shields, nets and animal trapping loops.

Means for trapping animals

Spring veterinarian type VMPT-1

syristent agent - designed for remote administration of pharmacological preparations for the purpose of their immobilization or showers.Compatible syringes:Spring sewed-1.5P (polypropylene)Spring Silo-2P, Shilo-4P, (polycarbonate)
Means for trapping animals

Cage trap for cats KL-5

Designed for catch cats. Metal trap for cats with two guillotine doors. doors closed synchronously when pressing on the site in the middle of the cell. the cell has a welded design and comes in assembled. cell height with raised doors, mm: 700 sizes Mesh part, mm: 1000x310x360 Playground width, mm: 315 Dimensions of the doorway in the doors, mm: 310x280
Means for trapping animals

Veterinary shield

Application of a veterinary shield:Veterinary clinics, catching a pulled patientMunicipal services, residential servicesServices of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairsanimal catch services
Means for trapping animals

Veterinary protective gloves

Product advantages:High strength.Core resistance and punctures.Plasticity, flexibility - do not drain movements and do not deprive the thumbs of sensitivity.little susceptible to temperature effect.wear resistance.
Means for trapping animals

Loop Catcher

loop Catcher is designed for the catch of small, medium and large animals and their moves for minor distances.
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